To Own The Highest Quality, Leaks, Failure, Defects, Repairs, 100% Risk Free & Luxury Swimming Pool Paradise For You To Enjoy The Lifestyle Of Relaxation, Recreation, Retreat And Romance You Worked So Hard For.

Built With The Highest Quality Equipment, Materials & Workmanship That Comes With A Lifetime Structural Warranty For The Concrete Pool Shell And 3 Years Equipment Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind And Protection Of Your Huge Pool Investment.

Backed With A Special 10% Discount, Flexible Payment, 3-Month Free Maintenance Bonus & One Year 100% No Question Asked Take-It-To-Bank Risk Reversal Refund Guarantees From Fear, Uncertainty, Doubts, Risks & Being Thrown Under The Bus Or To The Hungry Wolves.

(This offer is Highly Exclusive and NOT for Everybody)

(The Highest Quality Pools Are Our Specialty. We Hate Buyer's Remorse. We Don't Build Cheap Low Quality Pools That Will Develop Faults, Leakages, Failures, Defects And Need Costly Repairs Within Weeks/Months)


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Please Find Below The Basic Prices Of Owning Various Sizes Of Concrete Swimming Pool With The Highest Quality, Leaks, Failure, Defects, Repairs, 100% Risk Free & Luxury Swimming Pool Paradise For You To Enjoy The Lifestyle Of Relaxation, Recreation, Retreat And Romance You Worked So Hard For.

Built With The Highest Quality Equipment, Materials & Workmanship That Comes With A Lifetime Structural Warranty For The Concrete Pool Shell And 3 Years Equipment Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind And Protection Of Your Huge Pool Investment.

Backed With A Special 10% Discount, Flexible Payment, 3-Month Free Maintenance Bonus & One Year 100% No Question Asked Take-It-To-Bank Risk Reversal Refund Guarantees From Fear, Uncertainty, Doubts, Risks & Being Thrown Under The Bus Or To The Hungry Wolves.

For Only The First 2 Clients This Month

(That’s how confident we are about our service - which you won’t get elsewhere)

(Our Prices Are Affordable But Not Cheap For The Discerning Clients That Appreciate We Do Not Build Cheap Low Quality Pools Prone To Leakages, Faults, Defects, Failures, Peeling Or Expensive Repairs Within Weeks/Months That Cost Twice As Much)

S/NPool SizeBasic Price10% Off Bonus PriceSave Up To
15.0m x 2.0mN3.5mN3.1mN0.3m
25.0m x 3.0mN4.0mN3.6mN0.4m
35.0m x 4.0mN4.5mN4.0mN0.4m
46.0m x 2.0mN4.0mN3.6mN0.4m
56.0m x 3.0mN4.5mN4.0mN0.4m
66.0m x 4.0mN5.5mN4.9mN0.5m
76.0m x 5.0mN6.0mN5.4mN0.6m
87.0m x 2.0mN5.5mN4.9mN0.5m
97.0m x 3.0mN6.0mN5.4mN0.6m
107.0m x 4.0mN6.5mN5.8mN0.6m
117.0m x 5.0mN7.0mN6.3mN0.7m
128.0m x 2.0mN6.0mN5.4mN0.6m
138.0m x 3.0mN6.5mN5.8mN0.6m
148.0m x 4.0mN7.0mN6.3mN0.7m
158.0m x 5.0mN7.5mN6.7mN0.7m
169.0m x 2.0mN6.5mN5.8mN0.6m
179.0m x 3.0mN7.0mN6.3mN0.7m
189.0m x 4.0mN7.5mN6.7mN0.7m
199.0m x 5.0mN8.0mN7.2mN0.8m
209.0m x 6.0mN8.5mN7.6mN0.8m
2110.0m x 2.0mN7.5mN6.7mN0.7m
2210.0m x 3.0mN8.5mN7.6mN0.8m
2310.0m x 4.0mN9.0mN8.1mN0.9m
2410.0m x 5.0mN9.5mN8.5mN0.9m
2510.0m x 6.0mN10.0mN9.0mN1.0m
2611.0m x 3.0mN9.0mN8.1mN0.9m
2711.0m x 4.0mN9.5mN8.5mN0.9m
2811.0m x 5.0mN10.0mN9.0mN1.0m
2911.0m x 6.0mN10.5mN9.4mN1.0m
3012.0m x 3.0mN10.0mN9.0mN1.0m
3112.0m x 4.0mN10.5mN9.4mN1.0m
3212.0m x 5.0mN11.0mN9.9mN1.1m
3312.0m x 6.0mN11.5mN10.3mN1.1m
3413.0m x 3.0mN11.0mN9.9mN1.1m
3513.0m x 4.0mN11.5mN10.3mN1.1m
3613.0m x 5.0mN12.0mN10.8mN1.2m
3713.0m x 6.0mN12.5mN11.2mN1.2m
3813.0m x 7.0mN13.0mN11.7mN1.3m
3914.0m x 4.0mN12.0mN10.8mN1.2m
4014.0m x 5.0mN13.0mN11.7mN1.3m
4114.0m x 6.0mN14.0mN12.6mN1.4m
4214.0m x 7.0mN15.0mN13.5mN1.5m
4315.0m x 4.0mN13.0mN11.7mN1.3m
4415.0m x 5.0mN14.0mN12.6mN1.4m
4515.0m x 6.0mN15.0MN13.5mN1.5m
4615.0m x 7.0mN16.0mN14.4mN1.6m
4715.0m x 8.0mN17.0mN15.3mN1.7m
4816.0m x 4.0mN15.0mN13.5mN1.5m
4916.0m x 5.0mN16.0mN14.4mN1.6m
5016.0m x 6.0mN17.0mN15.3mN1.7m
5116.0m x 7.0mN18.0mN16.2mN1.8m
5216.0m x 8.0mN19.0mN17.1mN1.9m
5316.0m x 9.0mN20.0mN18.0mN2.0m
5417.0m x 6.0mN18.0mN16.2mN1.8m
5517.0m x 7.0mN19.0mN17.1mN1.9m
5617.0m x 8.0mN20.0MN18.0mN2.0m
5717.0m x 9.0mN26.0mN18.9mN2.1m
5817.0m x 10.0mN22.0mN19.8mN2.2m
5918.0m x 7.0mN20.0mN18.0mN2.0m
6018.0m x 8.0mN21.0mN18.9mN2.1m
6118.0m x 9.0mN22.0mN19.8mN2.2m
6218.0m x 10.0mN23.0mN20.7mN2.3m
6319.0m x 7.0mN21.0mN18.9mN2.1m
6419.0m x 8.0mN22.0mN19.8mN2.2m
6519.0m x 9.0mN23.0mN20.7mN2.3m
6619.0m x 10.0mN24.0mN21.6mN2.4m
6720.0m x 7.0mN22.0MN19.8mN2.2m
6820.0m x 8.0mN23.0mN20.7mN2.3m
6920.0m x 9.0mN24.0mN21.6mN2.4m
7020.0m x 10.0mN25.0mN22.5mN2.5m
7121.0m x 7.0mN23.0mN20.7mN2.3m
7221.0m x 8.0mN24.0mN21.6mN2.4m
7321.0m x 9.0mN25.0mN22.5mN2.5m
7421.0m x 10.0mN26.0mN23.4mN2.6m
7521.0m x 11.0mN27.0mN24.3mN2.7m
7621.0m x 12.0mN28.0mN25.2mN2.8m
7722.0m x 8.0mN24.0mN21.6mN2.4m
7822.0m x 9.0mN25.0MN22.5mN2.5m
7922.0m x 10.0mN26.0mN23.4mN2.6m
8022.0m x 11.0mN27.0mN24.3mN2.7m
8122.0m x 12.0mN28.0mN25.2mN2.8m
8223.0m x 8.0mN25.0mN22.5mN2.5m
8323.0m x 9.0mN26.0mN23.4mN2.6m
8423.0m x 10.0mN27.0mN24.3mN2.7m
8523.0m x 11.0mN28.0mN25.2mN2.8m
8623.0m x 12.0mN29.0mN26.1mN2.9m
8723.0m x 13.0mN30.0mN27.0mN2.0m
8824.0m x 8.0mN26.0mN23.4mN2.6m
8924.0m x 9.0mN27.0MN24.3mN2.7m
9024.0m x 10.0mN28.0mN25.2mN2.8m
9124.0m x 11.0mN29.0mN26.1mN2.9m
9224.0m x 12.0mN30.0mN27.0mN3.0m
9324.0m x 13.0mN31.0mN27.9mN3.1m
9425.0m x 8.0mN27.0mN24.3mN2.7m
9525.0m x 9.0mN28.0mN25.2mN2.8m
9625.0m x 10.0mN29.0mN26.1mN2.9m
9725.0m x 11.0mN30.0mN27.0mN3.0m
9825.0m x 12.0mN31.0mN27.9m N3.1m
9925.0m x 13.0mN32.0mN28.8mN3.2m
100Other SizesCall


  • The basic pools are WITHOUT additional features like waterfalls, fountains, fencing, bars, showers etc
  • The 10% discount bonus pricing is for ONLY the first 2 new clients this month and applicable only within state capitals in Nigeria.
  • One size doesn’t fit allWhich of the above pool sizes fits your available land space, lifestyle and budget?
  • About 100 different sizes of swimming pool to choose from in the list above. Each size can be a custom pool to suit your requirements.
  • To get a custom 10% discount price quote, let us know what you are looking for by filling the Request a Quote Form at the end of the page.
  • Your final custom 10% discount price quote is dependent on your site conditions, requirements and additional features.
  • The above cost will be higher for water-logged, swampy, hilly, sloppy and rocky soil conditions as well as for elevated, above ground, suspended and pile foundation pools
  • The above is for rectangular shaped, in-ground concrete swimming pools in perfect site conditions of flat lands and well drained soil.
  • The basic pools have a deep end of 1.8m or 6 feet and a shallow end of 0.9m or 3feet.



Thank you for showing interest to build a swimming pool.

If you are interested in guaranteed best results & desired outcomes for a 100% risk free, high value and high quality swimming pool supported with 1 year 100% money-back and “we fix it” risk reversal guarantees against structural, equipment & workmanship failure, leakages & defects plus a flexible payment plan, that is

  • Built by the BEST in class professional civil engineers & trusted 25+ years experts,
  • With the highest quality equipment, the finest materials & workmanship,
  • Structurally warranted to last a lifetime & four years equipment warrantee,
  • Guaranteed to give you endless pleasures and happiness without any stress,
  • Without any defects, failure, leakages, repairs or buyer’s remorse, Backed by free 3-months maintenance & after sales services bonus,
  • Built to last a lifetime for the times of your life and built to world class standards & specifications,
  • Built right the first time on time and within budget,
  • Then this may very well be the most important message you will ever get.

Please, read this carefully.

We don’t just build the best swimming pools, we build high quality, high value, exclusivity, happiness, fun, trust, convenience, reliability, safety, & peace of mind.

  • As you would imagine, all swimming pools are NOT created equally and all pool builders are NOT created equally.
  • There are professionals, amateurs, inexperienced, apprentice, fly-by-night, low-ball, low quality, cheap and quacks pool builders.
  • Regretfully, the pool industry we so much love is shark infested, unregulated, unorganized & fragmented in Nigeria.
  • Anyone can claim to be a pool builder. However, as PROFESSIONALS, we are at the TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN.
  • We not only bring you the best results, but also the best values, best protection and best quality for your money.
  • ONLY 1 of 10 pool builders in Nigeria stay in business longer than 10 years.

We are professional civil engineers & pool builders with unrivalled 25+ years expertise of delivering massive values, high quality, best protection & creating happy customers experience second to none.

  • Unlike a car or a house, an inferior quality pool cannot be traded in if you are unsatisfied with the results & outcomes.
  • This is one reason we ONLY BUILD HIGH QUALITY & AWESOME POOLS. We DON'T build low quality cheap inferior pools.
  • When you buy a low quality inferior cheap pool, you end uppaying twice because of repairs and as wellwith low quality materials, equipment and workmanship.

Most competitors quote artificially low prices to induce a contract award & afterwards deploy low quality cheap materials, equipment and workmanship as to make some profits or some come up with hidden charges to increase cost – it’s called Bait & switch pricing. Beware!

  • As professional civil engineers and pool builders we DON'T do business that way. We don’t work that way.
  • So, if anyone is looking for some low quality cheap pool builders, we are NOT one because we DON'T build low quality cheap pools.
  • Our services and pricing for high quality pools is usually in the context of the massive values, results delivered, solutions provided and the quality offered to clients.
  • Our PRICES are NOT CHEAP but AFFORDABLE to the right kind of clients that appreciate high quality and perceived values of our offer.

The difference in cost, relative to the amount of your huge pool investment, between a low quality inferior pool that last some few weeks before problem develop and a high quality pool that will last you a lifetime of pleasure, is a small price to pay for a superior quality pool.

  • The bitterness of poor quality pool remains, long after the sweetness of the low price has faded.
  • Since all pool builders are not created equally and we are the top professionals, we will probably not be the cheapest bid you receive, but we will always be the best protection, superior value and highest quality bid you will ever receive.
  • We not only wish you many years of healthy enjoyment in your pool-buying experience, but also want you to have peace of mind on your huge pool investment and be satisfied with your superior quality pool.
  • We not only deplore the best and highest quality equipment, materials and workmanship in this quack infested industry but also guarantee same with a 1 year 100% money back refund. Unlike competitors that deploy cheap, our prices are not only premium but also very affordable.




View galleries of different style of concrete swimming pools

Swimming Pool Boss



Step A - Why We Offer Our Value-Driven Pool Guide For Free

  • Thanks for your interest to build a high quality, high value, 100% money back swimming pool. In addition to the pool guide, would you like to also have a free consultation guide to discuss your needs? It's 100% free.
  • We are committed to help, teach, and inform so you can make informed decision about your purchase of a high quality pool, NOT just a pool of low quality in a SHARK INFESTED MARKET with many quacks and cheap/substandard products.
  • Even if you don’t buy a high quality pool from us, we still believe you can profit greatly from the insights offered in our free guide and consultation. Fair enough?

Step B - Benefits Of The Free Value-Driven Pool Guide

  • The free guide helps to dispel the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubts that many pool buyers may experience when making big mega million investment decision about cost of a high value pool.
  • It lists out factors to consider like how to pick the right pool builder. It also lays out the best values, risk protection & highest qualities as the attributes of quality swimming pool. Check out our:  Free Swimming Pool Pricing Guide.

Step C - So, Why Are We Doing This For Free

  • We are happy helping people build/fix high quality pools. We offer this free guide as a professional pool builder as a means of putting our best foot forward and demonstrating real value for free that you will be very impressed with.
  • If you find value in the help we give you, you might want to do business with us to help you build a risk free pool that will make you happy.
  • We DON’T build low quality or inferior pools. We are NOT some shoddy, low quality cheapskates that cut corners in building pools. We ONLY BUILD HIGH QUALITY, HIGH VALUE AND AWESOME POOLS.

Step D - This Is Not A Sales Pitch In Disguise

  • Please understand that we are not offering a sales pitch in disguise. We promise not to pressure, pester, hunt or chase after anyone in any way at all to become a client.
  • On the contrary, our clients chase us because of the high quality and massive values in our offer to help them.
  • IF we agree to take you on as a client, you can be assured of the best delivery.  We attract the best clients and repel the rest.

Step E - You Will Find Our Conversation To Be Incredibly Valuable.

  • Your time is the most important asset you have and we respect that. You will find our conversation to be incredible valuable. Why? We are very good at what we do because our clients always get amazing results.
  • After all, we are the unrivalled big boss of swimming pool with 25+ year expertise of creating exceptional service experiences. We are professional civil engineers, authority figure, industry leader and a force to be reckoned with in helping our clients solve significant problems.
  • We are the benchmark all other swimming pool companies in Nigeria are measured by. We are specialist in the delivery of top notch pools at affordable prices to suit your style and give a lifetime of endless pleasure, fun & peace of mind.
  • We have been doing this for over 25+ years. Trust us on this. We know what our clients need, have solutions to their pain points and an asset to them over the long term.

Step F - We Are Trusted By Top Decision Makers And Businesses.

  • Top decision makers from these great companies choose us over others to meet their pool needs;

Fun Factory Lekki Phase 1 Lagos/ Bowine International School Ajah Lagos/ Golden Suite Hotel  Ajah Lagos/ Landmark Hotel Port Harcourt/ Federal Palace Hotel Victorial Island, Lagos/ Yinka Folawiyo and Sons Parkview Lagos/ Horizon Hotel Kano/ Sagamu Hotel Ogun state/ KID Court  Pinnock Beach Estate Lekki Lagos/ South African Embassy Ikoyi Lagos/ Awuse Estate Opebi Lagos/ Kasolute Drilling Port Harcourt/ La Crique D’ Amour Hotel Iju Ishaga Lagos/ Asaba Housing Estate Asaba/ Royal Palm Estate Sangotedo  Lagos/ Ecobank Plc Victoria Island Lagos/ Seplat Oil Parkview Lagos/ Itex Furnitures Abuja/ Jericho Estate Ibadan/ GRA Warri/ Uyo Housing Estate Uyo/ Signature Estate Chevron Lagos/  Royal Garden Estate Ajah Lagos/ Ocean Bay Estate Chevron Lagos/ Zamfara State Government/ Abuloma Housing Estate Port Harcourt/ Diya Fatimilehin & Partners Victoria Island Lagos/ Citex Estate Gwarinpa Abuja/ Aloe Vera Hotel Minna/ Bayelsa State Government/ Projectworks Port Harcourt/ Telios Development Port Harcourt/ Okrika Royal Palace Port Harcourt/ Erijoy Hotels Port Harcourt/ Vitalis Construction Port Harcourt/ Ministry of Defence Abuja/ Ben Anachebe & Partners Abuja/ Construction Kaiser Abuja/ NNPC Abuja/ Ujat Construction Abuja/ Kogi State Government/ VGC Estate Lekki Lagos/ Loatsad Promomedia Lekk Lagos/ Nigerian Navy Abuja/ Gitto Construction Abuja/ Ganza Construction Victoria Island Lagos/ Ikota Housing Estate, Lekki/ Tivoli Garden, Ikoyi, Lagos/ Nigeria Police, Abuja.

Step G - Our “Rock Solid” 100% Money-Back & “We’ll Fix It” Risk Reversal Guarantees

  • We not only guarantee the best results but we also offer bold & bullet proof risk reversal that transfers risks from our clients to us. We want you to have absolute peace of mind with your huge financial investment as we deploy the highest quality materials, equipment & workmanship.
  • We remove pain and bear all the risks for our clients by guaranteeing the protection of their huge pool investments. That’s our confidence.
  • We always put our money where our mouth is. We believe in our solutions, stand firmly behind them and remove risks for our clients because of the inherent fear involved with pool purchase in a shark infested market with many fake, substandard products and quacks.
  • All our pools come with both the 1-year 100% money-back guarantee and the “we’ll fix it” risk reversal guarantees against structural, equipment, workmanship defects, leakages & failures. These you won’t get elsewhere. We eat our own dog food. We are one of a kind.
  • As Professionals, we undertake 100% execution of all our works as well as take total responsibility and give absolute guarantees for its outcomes. As such, WE DO NOT UNDERTAKE SUPERVISION WORKS. We may offer consultancy service where required.

Step H - Who Else Is Doing This Kind Of Thing? Nobody, No Competition!

  • Talk is cheap. Everyone can make a promise but how many can put their money where their mouth is?
  • The last time we checked, no competitor brings to the table the kind of massive values, risk reversal & experience of 25+ years expertise in helping our clients achieve best results. We are not some new kids on the block. Our 25+ years experience speaks volume & stability for us.
  • So, if anyone places a low premium on quality, then we ‘not sorry’ this probably isn’t for that person because we DON’T build low quality Competition strives on who is the cheapest low quality builder, not on perceived values, risk protection or superior quality.
  • We are NOT the lowest quality cheap pool builder because we don’t build low quality inferior pool, but we are the most valuable, best protection and high quality driven guys. We are so good at what we do, that some people do crazy things to work with us.
  • OUR PRICES ARE NOT CHEAP BUT VERY AFFORDABLE for the right kind of person that appreciate high quality, perceived  massive values of our offer as well as the best protection we provide. We do NOT deploy any cheap or low quality equipment, materials or workmanship.
  • Working with us means working with the best of the best – the 1% of the 1%. However, we need inform you that…

Step I - We Cannot Help Everybody

(This Service Is Exclusive & NOT For Everybody.)

  • Without any disrespect, we CANNOT help everybody. Everybody is NOT the right client or right fit. It’s NOT everybody that appreciates high quality. We CANNOT help those that do not need or can’t afford our products. Our service is NOT for everybody. It is HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE.
  • We are very picky, choosy & selective about  whom we can work with. We have got a strict criteria that needs to be met in order for us to take you on as a client. All clients are also NOT created equally. Some clients are unserious, time wasters and energy vampires.
  • We are extremely clear about whom we can help, because we can’t help everyone. A lot of people chase after us to work with us monthly but this opportunity is not for everybody.
  • If we feel we cannot deliver you real value, build you a top quality pool and make you feel thankful afterwards for being helped to make a decision that’s right, then we will NEVER take you on as a client. It’s that simple. We got some strict criteria that need be met for us to help a client.

Step J - Here Are The People We Can Help And Work With

(If These Criteria Below Do Not Describe You, Please Let’s Not Waste Each Other’s Time.)

These are the criteria for the people we can help and work with.

  • You must have a high sense of value, quality and excellence,
  • You must be willing, ready, committed and able to invest financially and immediately in your high-quality swimming luxury to improve your lifestyle and make you happy via-a-vis a dream pool or recreational facility.
  • You must also be ready to make a buying decision right now.
  • You have the available space.
  • And you are ready to get the project started immediately and take immediate action to secure your spot for this month because chances are that, people are already lined up.

This is not a marketing ‘gimmick’ to make you take action. We are aware that a lot of people do ‘fake’ scarcity to make people take action. We don’t do our business that way. We don’t trade integrity for revenue. Neither do we want to spend our time with excuse makers, procrastinators or tired kickers.

If we chose you as client, then we have a simple agreement you tell us at the end of our discussion, whether or not its a good fit for us to move forward working together – either through a straight YES or an outright NO, but definitely NOT a “disguised”/”string along”/”don’t want to hurt your feelings”/”think about it” NO, so we don’t waste each other’s time. Fair enough?



(By Filling A Simple Request A Quote Form)

Once you meet the above criteria of been one of the people we can work with, you will do the following

  • Fill out a simple request a quote form located at the end of this section. It’s nothing complicated. It just has a few questions to tell us more about your project, location, specific needs and peculiar requirements

We will evaluate the information you provided in the simple Request A Quote Form, and decide if we are good fits to work with and you will be able to book the free consultation phone call with us. We decide who we work with because our service is highly exclusive and NOT for everybody.

  • Book a 15 minutes free consultation phone call with our us to fashion out how we can help you achieve your objectives
  • The purpose of the 15 minutes free consultation phone call is to find out what you have in mind for your backyard and answer questions you may have about our solutions. At the end of the phone meeting, we both can decide whether it makes sense or not to go to the next stage, which includes us taking out time to schedule a site inspection or prepare a custom 10% discount price quote to build the best pool for you. Does that sound right to you?

Please note this is definitely not a sales pitch in disguise. We will listen to what you have to say and if we think we can help– great! We can talk about how to get started. We’ll work with the best, only the best. But if we think we’re not a good fit, we’ll politely tell you. We’ll not work with just anybody. So the real question isn’t if we can build the best pool in a risk free way- IT’S WHETHER OR NOT WE ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.



After the free consultation phone call of 15 minutes above then comes the next steps. We will do the followings.

  • Schedule a site inspection based on our discussion from the free consultation phone call above. We will determine if the site inspection is necessary or not. (A site inspection or analysis is highly recommended though – it’s very professional).

A site inspection may NOT be required if the clients can furnish us with the size of pool required, site information, site layout, architectural drawings etc.

A site inspection is very necessary when the client is not conversant with his site conditions or absence of site drawings.

As you can imagine, we usually receive more than a hundred requests for site inspections each month. Just a few of them end up been ready or serious. The site inspection itself is free.

However, to keep away unserious people and time wasters, we request each client pays for the logistic/travel costs of the site inspection (depending on distance) instead of us setting out on a time, money and energy consuming travel or wild goose chase. WETIN MUSA NEVER SEE FOR GATE!

The logistic/travel costs of site inspection are as follow – (Deductable from the eventual project cost)

  • Within Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt – up to N20,000.
  • Outside Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt by road – up to N60,000.
  • Outside Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt by air – up to N160,000.
  • Hotel Accommodation/feeding for site inspection trips longer than 5 hours - up to N40,000 per night

Based on our strict client selection process, we carefully evaluate every request for site inspection and consultation. As explained earlier, we do NOT undertake supervision works. We are very picky about who we work with. We are the best and only work with the best.

We need be SURE that you are ready, committed and able NOW  to invest in your pleasure and also to keep time wasters and those not yet ready at bay. Once we have confirmed your logistic/travel deposit, we will carry out the necessary site inspection within 1 to 3 working days. Does that sound fair to you?

  • After the site inspection, we will show you our recommendations, and discuss any changes you might want to make. At the end of this discussion, we can then decide whether or not to prepare a custom 10% discount price quote to build this pool for you
  • We prepare you an custom 10% DISCOUNT PRICE QUOTE that has 1 month validity.
We always provide instant, detailed, itemized, final, exact & clearly written quotations, not a summary or note on a scrap of paper. This quote will be emailed to you so you can make the right decision to sign in to buy.
  • Your acceptance of the final price and agreement.
  •  You will make mobilization payment to our account.
  • We will mobilize to site within 3 working days after payment is confirmed.

If we believe we can’t give you results, we won’t take you on as a client. It is that plain and simple.



  • The Conditions of Contract 
  1. All structural, equipment & workmanship have the highest assurance of quality and 1 year money-back as well as “we will fix it” risk reversal guarantees against leakages, defects and failures except in cases of abuse, misuse, negligence, operation by third party, normal wear and tear.
  1. Completion period for an average basic pool that is well pressure tested is 8 to 10 weeks from date of commencement. The completion period can be shorter, if all equipment and construction materials are purchased at once. The completion period will be longer for bigger sized pools.
  1. Any additional work not in the quote will be charged as extra. All extra works to be paid before completion of pool. Additional works will also extend the above completion period. To speed up the completion process, all electricity for construction, water to test/commission pool, water/electricity termination to the plant room, storage space for equipment to be provided by the client as well as good accommodation for out of station jobs.
  2. Our quotation comes with 3 month free maintenance service and is only valid for a PERIOD OF 1 MONTH ONLY.



  • Flexible Payment Plan For 8-10 Weeks Completion Period
  1. 50% down payment to purchase and deliver all pool equipment to site.
  2. 45% payment to purchase, start and complete pool construction works.
  3. 5% payment after commissioning of pool.
  • Regular Payment Plan For 6-8 Weeks Completion Period
  1. 80% down payment to purchase & deliver all pool equipment and construction materials to site.
  2. 15% payment to start and complete pool construction works.
  3. 5% payment after commissioning of pool.
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  • The Sweet 10% discount bonus pricing offer is meant to sweeten the pot for ONLY the first 2 clients THIS MONTH.
  • We then recommend that you book quickly, due to the intensely hands on nature of the work involved, we can only accept a very limited amount of clients for this month and have a waiting list, so we can focus on delivering value, getting results and exceeding your expectation.
  • We can’t guarantee we will be accepting any more new client in the next 2 months or benefit from the discount bonus if you miss this chance of becoming part of an exclusive group of clients that get access to the best service delivery. Not to mention that our head of accounting is NOT happy we’re giving away the 10% discount bonus and wants to shut this offer down
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